Monday, March 25, 2013


Roads (Nowhere and Back)

My roads have been wide and unmarked
My roads have led to nowhere and back
My roads have been dead ends
My roads have been dark and black~
And I've wandered them like a blind man
Who makes his way in the dark~

I gravitate toward them in my seeking~
The same pointless and tricky paths
Walking over my old, worn footprints
Already tread on the path~
I walk their outline again and again
And never seem to weary retracing them~
I stare blankly at the footprints
And knowingly, stubbornly walk them again and again
And they still lead me nowhere and back~

Coming back from nowhere for the hundredth time
I know the way, but it is a struggle to get there
I am easily distracted
I am easily persuaded
I am easily drawn away to other roads~
I awkwardly attempt the steps
That will get me back to You~
I must keep trying
Fighting my stubbornness
Fighting my nature
Fighting my blindness~ 
Copyright 2008
All Rights Reserved
Photo credit - Salumith Wulfing, 
"Toward The Summit" (Vers Le Sommet)