Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just Me and the Birds

 It's a windy and blowin' kind of day here. As I started off on a walk, it was just me and the birds. The birds were riding the wind. If I could ride it, I would, for that is the playground I love most. As it was, I settled for two feet on solid ground, but the whispy bursts were still good from that vantage point. Warm and windy is truly something to behold.

There are many playgrounds we hold dear.... soft sandy beaches, smooth or stormy lakes, picnics on thick blankets in the woods, cozy book nights, tracing patterns in the night sky, and gathering leaf bouquets in the fall.

I remember playgrounds from far away, too. A chocolate crepe on a French avenue, standing in awe of the Louvre contents, walking the lovely streets of Bath, England, and the breathtaking hills of Stonehenge, if I dare call those mounds my playground. One of the most favorite playgrounds of all, the playground of a lifetime, in fact, was a lighthouse on the very edge of the sea where the wind never ceased for a moment. Just me and the birds then too.

 The memories we look back on, and the ones that are still to be made, bring the best pleasures. The world is a playground, yet so is our own backyard.

 Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.  
                                ~Jean de Boufflers

So whatever is blowing in your neck of the woods, make it a good playground today, for tomorrow it is only a memory. Until you discover a new playground, and it all begins again.