Monday, October 14, 2013


You live for years and years, walking the clay of this earth,
Believing you have seen it all in the wisdom of your years.
Then one day you see something you never have before,
A rainstorm the size of Texas traveling 60 MPH,
Making it's way towards you. 
It is so unusual that you have to stop and watch it.
It looks like a mushroom cloud,
And moves briskly in the sky with colors of grey and purple. 
You stand there unable to take your eyes off from it,
In the calm before the storm, 
Unable to move from the place your feet are planted,
And then it hits just over you and you are bowled over. 
It is beautiful, and frightening, and powerful.  
You were there to witness it and you say to yourself,
"My God is an Awesome God."