Friday, September 10, 2010

Beautiful Bird

One of my favorite lyrics and songs, by an amazing songwriter, Cindy Morgan.

Words and music by Cindy Morgan

Somebody caught you off guard
Clipped your wings and broke your heart
Told you you'll never get out of here
You believed it all these years

That's not what you were made for
'Cause you were made for the sky
That's not what you were born for
'Cause you were born to fly

Everyone knows what it feels like
When they tell you you don't measure up
You just weren't meant for the bright lights
Oh but lovely is as lovely does

And love is much deeper than beauty
And beauty much deeper than skin
There in the eyes of your mother, your father
Is where it begins to sink in

Beautiful bird
Ooh fly
Beautiful bird
Ooh fly

Even if we are all broken
We are each a reflection of God
Living with your arms wide open
Oh spreading your wings to take off

Beautiful bird
Ooh fly
Beautiful bird
Ooh fly
(Oh spread your wings beautiful bird)

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